The art of living with taste

It’s not a secret that the coziness and stylish atmosphere at home can be reached by means of painstakingly chosen details and accessories. For this purpose, it is necessary just to use your imagination and to improve your interior in accordance with your taste and preferences.
Crystal is often associated with high -flown lifestyle, but in fact crystal is beyond time and style. Crystal is a magical and mysterious material by means of which any specific style can be conveyed, and any incredible décor can be created.
Crystal is music, and music is vibration. As each person plays his own music, it is possible to tune the man’s individual vibrations and personal music by means of crystal. But only true artisans who have accumulated their skills during centuries are able to create such amazing crystal pieces which can play music and transfer individual vibrations. Nowadays in the world of high technologies there are few countries where the authentic handcrafted production of colored cased crystal is still alive. Among the countries traditionally famous for crystal production, in the first place is the Czech Republic (historical Bohemia).

Our online store presents magnificent handcrafted crystal products that can play the necessary chords in any interior.
If you are a jazz lover and adhere to laconic chick of the Art Deco featuring strict geometrical lines and expensive materials, then the unforgettable pieces from the Mikado and the Lotos collections won’t leave you indifferent.

If you are a romantic person who vibrates on the frequencies of the Art Nouveau style featuring the arches, asymmetry and floral ornaments, then the charming vases and fruit dishes from the Alfons Mucha and  the Linda collections will bring the element of sensuality to your décor.

If you like opulent classical style, the openwork vintage items from the Petra and the Paula collections will add the notes of luxury and style to your interior.

If you prefer minimalism in everything, pay your attention to the stylish vases-balls from the Quadros and the Linum collections featuring laconic but at the same time expressive design.

If you appreciate designer pieces which are created as a result of flight of imagination of the renowned artists then the fabulous collections Diadem, Neptune, Harlequin featuring the dramatic designs are exactly what you need.

Living with taste is an art to be mastered.  Compose your own symphony with our brilliant crystal pieces.

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Crystal is a great option for an exquisite gift. You can buy Czech colored crystal of excellent quality from us. We offer colored crystal vases and bowls, goblets, short glasses, champagne flutes, glasses for wine, glasses for cognac, crystal mugs for beer and ashtrays.

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