blankThe client has the right to submit claims regarding the defects of the goods stipulated by the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” against the seller through the administration of the website

The administration of the website, as an authorized person, is responsible for the defects of the goods, unless it proves that they arose after the transfer of the goods to the client due to the violation by the client of the rules for using, storing or transporting the goods, actions of the third parties or force majeure circumstances.

There are no warranty periods for the products or, if any, they are indicated in the product description.

All questions are resolved through our support team. Based on our previous experience in delivering crystal products to foreign countries, we have improved the packaging technology for our shipments and each item of your order is packed separately.

Anyway, if the product was damaged during transportation, please take photos and send them to our email. The product will be replaced.

You need to contact us, describe the nature of the problem and provide the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Order number, your address, e-mail, contact phone number
  3. Product photos.

The administration of the website is not responsible for damage caused to the client as a result of improper usage of the goods ordered through the website, as well as for the absence of any technical and permissive documentation upon the delivery of goods by the seller.


Client – a legally capable physical person who places Orders on the website, or is indicated as the recipient of the Goods, or uses the Goods purchased on (using) the website

Agency website – website

Seller – a person or organization selling the Goods in the Czech Republic.

Online store – an Internet site with an Internet address, which presents the goods offered by the Seller to its Clients for placing Orders, as well as the terms of payment and delivery of these Orders to Clients.

Website –

Product – an individually defined item made in the Czech Republic, not withdrawn from civil circulation, sold by the Seller in the Czech Republic and presented on the Website

Order – a duly executed and 100%paid request of the Client for delivery of the Goods (group of Goods) selected on the Website to the specified address and provided by the Seller.

Delivery service is a person who provides services for the delivery of the Goods to the Buyer.

Promotion is a set of actions taken  by the administration of the website with the aim to stimulate consumer demand for some goods and carried out in order to attract the attention of potential Clients to the Goods. The promotion is not a game, lottery or other risk-based event.

External site – a site in the global Internet, a link to which is posted on the site

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